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    • 產品名稱:king flowmeters 7430 series

    • 產品型號:7430
    • 產品廠商:KING
    • 產品文檔:
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    king flowmeters 7430 series優點如下: Stainless Steel Frame with Horizontal Connections ? 65 mm or 150mm Scale ? 0.72 – 1,800 cc/min Water; 66 – 70,000 cc/min Air
    King Instrument Company

    king flowmeters 7430 series

    Both 65 mm and 150 mm scales, borosilicate glass tube models feature all stainless steel frame and horizontal
    connections at a better price than competitive products. Valve optional.

    Metering Tube
    Borosilicate Glass
    Internal Components
    316L Stainless Steel, Black Glass,
    Sapphire, Carboloy, Tantalum
    Inlet/Outlet Fittings
    1/8" and 1/4" FNPT, Horizontal
    ontrol Valve optional
    Fitting Material
    316L Stainless Steel
    Standard: Viton
    Optional: Buna N, EPR, and Kalrez®
    Fiber-Optic or Inductive Ring Sensor
    Certified Calibrations
    Conform to ISA RP 16.6
    Can be produced in any volumetric unit
    king flowmeters 7430 series
    Liquid Compatible
    king flowmeters 7430 series
    Gas Compatible
    king flowmeters 7430 series
    .72 to 1,800 cc/min — Water
    66 to 70,000 cc/min — Air
    65 mm, 150 mm Direct reading, detachable
    ± 6% of Full Scale Flow, 65 mm
    ± 4% of Full Scale Flow, 150 mm
    10:1 to12.5:1 unless otherwise indicated
    Repeatability .50%
    Max Temperature
    250° F (121° C) Gases Only
    200° F (93° C) Liquids
    Max Pressure
    316L SS Fittings - 200 psig
    PVC Fittings — 130 psig
    PVDF Fittings — 150 psig
    Ambient Temperature
    33° F to 125° F (1° C to 52° C)


    Materials Of Construction
    Metering TubeBorosilicate Glass
    Frame304 SS
    Fittings/Valve Assy.316L SS
    Float316 SS or Black GlassSapphire, Carboloy or Tantalum
    O-RingsViton®Buna-N, EPR, Kalrez®
    65MM Scale Flow Ranges
    Air (STP)
    Water (70° F)
    Stainless Steel200.4212.
    Stainless Steel230.5014.
    Stainless Steel11302.46829.0.461.70
    Stainless Steel38008.22301101.756.6
    Stainless Steel1300028.08004006.224.0
    Stainless Steel4250090.02550120019.0072.0
    150 MM Scale Flow Ranges
    Air (STP)
    Water (70° F)
    1-03-G-022  Glass54.1143.2.56.0088.033
    Stainless Steel160.3409.82.25.0350.135
    Stainless Steel320.6819.05.60.0900.340
    Stainless Steel8201.7550.020.5.3301.25
    Stainless Steel16003.4100.046.0.722.7
    Stainless Steel44009.2260.01302.057.8
    Stainless Steel750016.0450.02203.4013.0
    Stainless Steel1700036.01000.05208.2031.0
    Stainless Steel3800082.02300.0112018.068.0

    Dimensions (Inches)

    Scale length
    *The FNPT fittings have a 3/4 - 16 O.D. thread with mounting nuts installed.


    king flowmeters 7430 series

    Alarm Options:

    Inductive Ring Sensor

    Inductive ring sensors are designed to be used with a remote intrinsic safety barrier/switch isolator. These sensors are able to detect the metal float by producing an electromagnetic field within the ring. Ring sensors are available in either proximity or latching format for the 7400 Series.

    Sensor Specifications
    Power Supply: 5-25 VDC (from Switch Isolator)
    Max Current, Target Present: 1 mA
    Max Current, Target Absent: 15 mA
    Temperature Limits: -14°F to +158°F
    Output: NAMUR
    Repeatability: 0.01 mm
    Switching Frequency: 2 kHz (.125”),
    1.5 kHz (.25”)

    Sensor Approvals:
    UL Listed: General Purpose
    FM Approved: Intrinsically Safe*
    CSA Certified: Intrinsically Safe*
    Cenelec: Intrinsically Safe*
    *Additional cost, call for pricing
    Float/Sensor Compatibility
    Tube Float
    Type Size Material
    Proximity .125” SS, CB
    Proximity .25” SS, CB
    Latching .125” SS, CB
    Latching .25” SS, CB

    Fiber Optic Sensor
    The fiber optic sensor is housed in a junction box attached to the side of a 7400 Series flowmeter. The sensor uses a pair of fiber optic cables, an emitter and receiver to transmit the light across the metering tube and back to the sensor. If the light beam is blocked by the float, the sensor output will change. The sensor provides a transistor output that switches the common or negative voltage (NPN) or positive voltage (PNP) to the load. The fiber optic sensor is compatible with all 7400 Series float types

    Sensor Specifications
    Supply Voltage: 10-30 Vdc
    Current Consumption: 25 mA
    Temperature?Limits: -14°F to +212°F
    NPN (Sinking), N.O. or N.C.
    PNP (Sourcing), N.O. or N.C.
    Offstate Leakage Current =1 microamp at 30 Vdc
    Output Saturation Voltage = 1 V at 10 mA DC < 1.5 V at 150 mA DC

    Note: Sapphire floats are not compatible with Fiber Optic Sensor


    Use the following guide to determine the specific product number you require.
    Alarm Switch
     See Specifications
    Glass - 1316L SS
    1/8" F NPT - 1
    EPR - 1Millimeter - 1Valve - Inlet - 1Without Alarm - 0
      Sapphire - 2316L SS
    1/4" FNPT - 2
    Buna-N - 2GPH Water@70°F - 2Valve - Outlet - 2Fiber-Optic NPN
    (Proximity) - 1
      316 SS - 3PVC
    1/4" FNPT - 3
    Viton® - 3LPH Water@70°F - 3No Valve - 3Fiber-Optic PNP
    (Proximity) - 2
      Carboloy - 4PVC
    1/8" FNPT - 4
    No Valve - 4
    CC/MIN Water@STP - 4 Inductive Ring Sensor
    (Proximity) - 3
      Tantalum - 5PVDF
    1/4" FNPT - 5
    With Valve - 5
    SCFH Air@STP - 5 Inductive Ring Sensor
    (Latching) - 4
    1/8" FNPT - 6
     SLPH Air@STP - 6  
     Hastelloy® C
    1/4" FNPT - 7
    SCC/MIN Air@STP - 7
       Hastelloy® C
    1/8" FNPT - 8
     Non standard - 8  
      Example: 74C - 102G021 - 1 - 2 - 3 -1 -1- 0
    Drive Garden Grove, CA 92841
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